Avery Mae Update

It’s been a while since I did an update of the star of this little blog. She is growing so much so fast, so I figure it’s time to tell what toddler tornado is up to these days.

Her vocabulary is crazy, people. You can nearly have an entire conversation with her and it’s so cute and fun because she really does say the craziest things sometimes. She’s gotten in this habit where anytime she sees something that she thinks is scary she yells “RAWR!” right at it, as if she’s trying to scare whatever it is, before it scares her.
She still only refers to herself as baby. Never Avery. And she loves to introduce herself, and everyone else, she says “Hi, I’m baby. That’s mama, der’s dada“. It’s super cute when she does it when she meets someone new.
And oh boy, this girl has some feels. Everything she feels- she feels to the extreme.. happy, sad, mad, love. It’s an emotional roller coaster of emotions around her all the time. The teenage years should be exciting šŸ˜‰

She is practically fully potty trained.. yay! The #1 training was easy.. #2 training? Not so much. Lots of bribery with stickers and m&m’s though and we are practically there.

Singing and dancing is basically a forever thing around here. This girl seriously gets down on some T-Swift. How well she memorizes lyrics amazes me and she’s got some crazy moves.. and she’s not afraid to show anyone.

french braids & selfiesĀ 

I took this picture on Christmas Eve. I’ve taken a picture of her sleeping on Christmas Eve night for the last three years, and this one, is a serious winner. Ā 

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