When things don’t go your way..

It’s funny as a parent- looking back and feeling like something wasn’t good enough, or fun enough or exciting enough. Then looking at your 2 year old and realizing, to him/her, it was perfect.
I feel like this happens a lot. When I have plans for something to go a certain way or to do certain things and, like a lot of times, things just don’t always work out that way.

This weekend I was really bumming down on myself.
I worked all weekend and Garrett worked all of Saturday (Valentine’s Day).

The Valentines, heart shaped, pink and red everything breakfast I had planned for us. Failed. Never happened. Having an awesome time exchanging Valentines.. Epic fail. I accidentally broke the vase that was holding the flowers Garrett got for me, and the water spilled everywhere.. all over our cards & candy.. f a i l. I got off so late Avery was over everything by the time she got her gifts, turned into a toddler tantrum when she couldn’t open all her new heart stickers, and when I put her new sparkly pink and red socks “ON DA WRONG FEET!” oh and the water that she had to put in her new puppy love big girl cup. You know, the ones that don’t prevent spills but are just too cute not to buy at Target.. so much water, everywhere.

I felt pretty crappy about the entire day to be honest. But tonight when I was looking through my pictures from the last week & talking to Avery, like I try to do every Sunday, I saw a whole new perspective. As she babbled on about bits and pieces of “balen-tines”. The story she told.. sounded like a pretty awesome day. Because to her, she got to hang out with her grandparents all day- which is always a fun time. She got to go with daddy to smell all the pretty roses for mommy, she got to slide around in the vase water after mommy shattered the vase all over giggle as mommy tried to wrangle her out of the puddle of water. She got some fun new stuff and got to drink out of a big girl cup, she even got to give her new red monkey a bath in said cup. She got to give all her favorite people her Valentines that she helped make, and all the people she loved gave her lots of candy and toys- what can get better then that?

I guess it’s nice to sit back and remember, even if things don’t always go as planned- as long as Avery is happy at the end of the day.. I don’t really care how it went down.

I’m so thankful for my people, and this crazy circus of a life. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, even if it was crazy.

first noodle necklace.. check. 

we love selfies. Even crappy quality, iPhone front camera ones. Sorry not sorry, apple. 

disclaimer.. someones mom attempted trimming a certain someones bangs..
I know, I know. That certain someone needs to leave it to the professionals. 
But I mean, it is just hair, right? 
I SHE learned her lesson. 

heart glasses.. because, duh. 

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