Five on Friday

Happy Friday all! I’m here to share five of my new favorites:

{1} Arnold Palmers. The drink. I’ve never been a huge fan of plain iced tea. But I love flavored teas. I work with 90 year old men & women who love some Arnold Palmers so of course I had to give it a whirl… and it’s love. Also, it’s so fresh and has me really excited for spring!

{2} Simply balanced brand everything. Target sells this brand and I love it. A lot of their products are organic and they are all free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Oh, and their packaging is always cute. Priorities, people. The prices usually aren’t outrageously off the off brand prices & Targets cartwheel app always has Simply Balanced coupons.

{3} Panera. I’ve always loved this place, but now that I have the app. I’m obsessed. I can order & pay for my food from my phone and it can be ready within 10 minutes or I can designate my own time. Panera has a “pick-up” station specifically for these orders. The food is bagged up with your name on it and then put on the counter for you to come in and grab-and-go.. hello, awesome!
Apparently a lot of places have apps that allow you to do this and I’m just getting on board, so please, if your favorite place has an app where you can order the food. Please share. If I have to skip the step of standing in line to order and pay and then waiting for my food with the toddler tornado, I’m all for it!

{4} My favorite TV shows. I started watching Revenge on Netflix a couple months ago and got hooked. Now I’m catching up on the current series On Demand. Oh, and incase you didn’t know Friends is now on Netflix. Every episode. So yeah, that’s been happening, a lot. Criminal Minds is also always a favorite go-to.

{5} Wedding venue. CHECK. We found our wedding venue and officially booked it for September 17th 2016. It’s a perfect Farm House that is going to be so fun and amazing. I joked with Garrett and told him it’s my dream house that I can’t have yet, so I might as well get married in it.. right? 😉 I mean beautiful big white house with a huge wrap around porch and a gorgeous pond and luxurious drive way, beautiful stair case, big open windows. Yes. And it’s ours for an entire day. Oh and the night before for the rehearsal. Hah. Can’t wait to share more wedding deets as they came in!

So those are my Five on Friday favorites this week!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and enjoys their weekend.

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