First time at IKEA

Something marvelous happened this weekend.. Garrett & I took a drive to Sacramento and went to IKEA. Yes. 
I have never been. I’ve ordered stuff from their website & I’m on the website literally at least once a week. But I’ve never been in side the store.
It was people. Everything I imagined. We were just going to “look & get ideas” since we are trying to finish furnishing our new place. I took pictures of a lot of stuff we will hopefully be either ordering or going back to get- soon! 
I’ll definitely be going back soon anyways! If not for the big furniture, definitely for the frames and other adorable and perfect decorations. 
I of corse couldn’t leave without buying something. So we got Avery a cute picture frame shelf that we are going to use to display some of her favorite books. I got two pictures frames that will contribute to my gallery wall I’m currently assembling 😉 and these cute “cork board” hear coasters to put hot pots, pans, cookie sheets on. 

because toddler feet, they have to be touching e v e r y t h i n g. 

Basically I’m obsessed. I’ll be back within the next month, I’m sure. 
Does anyone one else have any new IKEA finds? Or another favorite home store? I have a big empty wall in my living room that is in desperate need for some galler-wall-lovin’! 
Happy Monday! 

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