Five on Friday

Back to another Friday. You know what that means!

{1} Target dollar spot.. is spot on right now. Has me so excited for spring. Also, so much cuteness for the little. She is obsessed with stickers right now. So I stocked up on all the cute easter felt stickers they had. Also, bought her an “A” stamp with pretty color ink pads, she’s loving that right now too.

{2} Target clearance items. I apologize for how often I bring up Target. Seriously. That place is awesome, am-i-right? But sometimes things can get a bit pricey, and I’m cheap. The part I love, is they always have coupons thanks to the Cartwheel App and everything eventually goes on clearance. So I wait. I’m there at least twice a week, and I just check the end caps of the aisles for those marvelous red tags 😉 I got a throw pillow for our bed- (7 bucks people), new pillow covers, a jewelry tray and a few kitchen towels for ridiculously cheap. I usually never buy home items from Target not on sale. Patience is key. 
{3} Stationary. I love cute paper & notebooks. It’s a weakness. I kind of just stock up then end up not using any of it because I don’t know what to use it for or I don’t want it to be “wasted”. But I recently got these cute little notepads, and they are actually getting good use. 
{4} Picture frames. Sort of obsessing right now. Our apartment walls are so bare & white. I just want to fill them all. I love mix-matching picture frames with different styles and colors and textures. I’m stocking up right now & even painting some old ones I had on hand to freshen them up. Marshals is an amazing place to find all sorts of frames- for cheap! Oh and IKEA and Target, clearance items of course. Hah. 
{5} Mongolian BBQ. My favorite food… ever. That is my go-to spot for my birthday dinner. Every year. Garrett isn’t a fan so we don’t go often. We went last week for our “February Date”. We were in Sacramento, so we tried a new place, wasn’t as awesome as our “regular”, but still, love.
My bowl, overflowing. Garrett’s bowl, barely full. 

2 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. I literally squealed when I saw your spring Target dollar haul. I'm obsessed with that section at my Target and mine is so slow to get the goods out!! I'm going to have to get there stat to see if they got any of the new spring items out!!


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