Weekend Post

Well, since I had the entire weekend off. And that doesn’t happen often, folks. I thought it deserved a weekend post.

My baby sister turned sixteen this weekend. Which was occasion worthy to take a weekend off of course. 
Rewind to Saturday morning. Garrett, Avery and I woke up and made breakfast. Aka, Garrett made breakfast. I can’t make pancakes. And I ran some errands for a couple hours- alone. Yes. Alone. Say it with me mamas ||a l o n e||. Yes, it was glorious. As glorious as Walmart and Walgreens to get cold medicine can get. It’s the little things. When I got home we watched the little mermaid and Avery loved it. I cleaned and opened up all the blinds and windows and soaked in some of that California spring air. We wrapped up the night with pizza with the family and laid in bed watching Friends on Netflix. Ahh Saturdays, how I missed you.

clearly, the entire cake was “babys cake

Sunday, I spent the day with my mom and sister. Pedi’s and a trip to the giant outlet mall in Livermore. We spent a little over two hours there. My mom and I were exhausted, my sister on the other hand could have went forever. It was a lot of fun though, of course. I got American eagle jeans (that run for $44) for $21 and a few other random fun stuff. Came home and Garrett, Avery and my dad joined us for dinner at Olive Garden, then we came home and watched more Friends on Netflix. That’s been my kick

Happy Birthday to my favorite pain-in-the-butt little sister!

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Happy Monday- here’s to an awesome week.

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