Big girl room inspiration

We are currently in the process for planning to transition Avery into a big girl room.
I want it to be a bright, fun, toddler approved place. But also function able for the next fews years.
Since we can’t paint the walls, wah, I’m trying to think of other creative ways to add lots of color.

We are going to do a navy blue and pink color pallet with pops of gold. I’ve been obsessing over pink & gold lately but I also love love navy blue.

She is still sleeping in her cribs version of a toddler bed, so first up we need a twin bed. Cue tears.
I LOVE this Jenny Lind bed, but lets be honest, there’s no way I’m spending that much on a bed for her. I’m cheap. Sorry, not sorry. But something with that idea would be perfect.
My goal is to get everything for her room and take a day she isn’t home with me and put it all together then let her come home for the big reveal!
With that said, here’s some pictures I’m looking at for inspiration as this room slowly but surely pulls together. I pinned all these pictures on my“Avery’s big girl room” Pinterest board if anyone wants links you can find them there!

Happy Friday!

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