Stoping baby role playing on Instagram

So, my last post was about Avery’s photos being used in some sick role playing game on Instagram.
Since then- that page has been removed. However I am worried about that person simply recreating a new account and re uploading the photos. I’m also worried about any other role playing accounts that took Avery’s photos before the account got deleted. Lastly, I am worried about all the other children’s photos that are being used as part of this game. I am worried that there is a game circulating on Instagram that centers around stealing pictures of other peoples children and posting them for use of their own fantasies.
I am sure there is a way for Instagram to prevent this from continuing. Or at the very least, make it a lot harder for this to continue.
I want to address Instagram on this issue of baby role playing. But first, I need support. I created an online petition to allow people to sign and show they are against baby role playing and to tell Instagram it needs to stop.
I tend to refrain from these types of posts on my blog- but this is something that hit home and because I use my blog (&Instagram) to connect to other moms, I want as many moms out there to be aware.

I’d love if anyone could take a few seconds to sign my petition and share with friends and family.

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