A’s Easter Basket || Easter Basket Blog Hop

Blog land is flooded with fun Easter posts, so I’m here to add one more.
Easter is my favorite. It’s so fun and to me it sort of kicks off Spring. And who doesn’t love spring?
I can not believe this is Avery’s third Easter. How is that possible? I say this about every holiday every year- but this is set to be the best yet 😉
We like to keep the Easter basket simple, with a few things we use as a “go-to” every year.

We always put chalk & bubbles. Like I said, Easter sort of kicks off spring for me. What says spring more then playing outside with chalk and bubbles? Nothing.

Avery loves anything girly these days.
I found this adorable little hand mirror in the dollar spot at target- that came with sparkly stickers to fab it up. I’m laughing now at the big $1 on the front of it. Easter bunny likes to bargain shop. Hah!
She likes to call her Chapstick- “wippp sticks” and is obsessed. So that’ll  definitely be a win.
The cute “cheers” tumblr.. Target, again. Anytime Avery has a cup she has to “cheers”. That just speaks for itself.
And of course it wouldn’t be Easter without some peeps! Then to steer away from tons of candy I got her frosted sugar cookie BoomChickaPop pop corn.. because sugar cookie popcorn is way better then candy.. yeah I know.
Of course a girl needs accessories, so I threw in these adorable flower glasses, some bracelets and a pretty yellow bow and a carrot-bubble-necklace.

We are planning on dying eggs this year. This will be the first year she gets to really really decorate eggs. Although we will dye some actual eggs- I found cute wooden eggs (yes, Target) for her to paint and add stickers to for us to keep for Easters to come.

Saturday before Easter my work is doing a big Easter egg hunt for all the kids and Sunday will be a fun day spent with the family.

Now, I’m ready to kick off the Easter festivities!


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