Our Easter

I can’t believe Easter has came and gone already! We had such a fun weekend, but it just goes too fast.

Saturday Avery got to come to my work and Easter hunt with a ton of kids and get a ton of attention from all my residents- they love kids, she loves attention. It was a win win. Since I worked early Easter morning, the Easter bunny was nice enough to make a special delivery Saturday night with Avery’s Easter basket. Such an understanding bunny, he is. She saw the bubbles first and after that didn’t care about anything else. Bubbles for the win. So she went outside rocking her flower glasses for some chalk and bubbles.

Sunday, was spent at my moms house with the rest of the family. The weather decided to take a break from the beautiful California weather, for the day, and rain. We are in a major drought and all, so we need the rain, but on Easter? Well played, Mother Nature. That didn’t stop the fun! The kids went out in the rain and hunted eggs while the adults watched from under the patio. By the way, Avery is a master egg hunter. She hunted those eggs like it was her job. No silly rain was going to stop her. 

Also, I mentioned the adults hiding from the rain under the patio. Me included. My dad managed to run out into the rain for some photo-ops of Avery. Good lookin’ out, dad! 
We spent the rest of our Sunday winding down & relaxing. Also, maybe sneaking some of Avery’s Easter candy while she wasn’t looking. 
I hope everyone had the best Easter and best weekend! 

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