A Week Of Eats

A big resolution of mine this year was to make healthier decisions for myself. A big part of that is healthier eating. Luckily, I know what I’m doing thanks to my Mom, she always did her best to feed and provide healthy options to our family growing up (thanks mom). Then I became an adult with a car and money and could, for the most part, eat whatever crap I wanted when I wanted. I still ate relatively healthy. But with a lot of un healthy decisions thrown in the mix.
Now I have my own little family and want to make our food a little more healthier. As the grocery shopper/cook around here I feel like the responsibility falls more on me.
Much to my surprise, I actually don’t hate cooking. The part I dislike, is rushing to make dinner after work, or  late trips to the store to get whatever ingredients to throw together whatever meal.

I work Saturday-Wednesday and a few nights a week I don’t get home until 7:30, so those days I usually don’t want to come home and prep some sort of meal so I usually just throw together whatever I can find. Or pick something up.

So long story short, I decided to meal plan. Que dramatic music.

I usually do go big grocery shopping about once a month, then pick up fruits, veggies and other randoms about once a week. Since I just grocery shopped a couple weeks ago, this week I decided to see what I had and figure out what I needed to make some meals. Then I went to Trader Joe’s and Target and got whatever else I needed.
Today I planned out my meals for the week and cooked/prepped most of what I needed. So most of it all I’ll have to do is heat it up in the oven or throw it all together. Or it’s easy enough that Garrett can start it before I get home on those late nights. Win.

So here’s what this weeks dinners will look like for us.

Saturday: Spaghetti (and meatballs for the meat eaters of the house)

Sunday: Most Sunday’s we go to my parents house for dinner, so I don’t have to worry about that. Thanks, again Mom 😉

Monday: Tacos (with chicken). Easy enough.

Tuesday: Stuffed Bell Peppers

Wednesday: BBQ chicken and red mashed potatoes

Thursday and Friday I’m home so those days are easy for me to figure something out.

I’d love to hear what “go-to” recipes anyone else uses or any meal planning tips.
Have a happy weekend!


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