Mommy/Baby day

In just a few days, my little baby is going to officially be 2 & A HALF. We are half way to three. I just can’t believe it.
She’s such a funny, happy, loving, pain in my butt baby. Can I even call her that? She’s so big now that she insists we call her Avery Mae Watson, basically all the time. Not baby.
She’s so fun to spend time with. I can actually have conversations with her and she almost always has me laughing. I love the days that we get to spend together, and I hope she loves it just as much.

Today we went shopping, at Target and Trader Joe’s, of course and a quick trip to Toys R Us. Avery has been asking for toy dinosaurs for the longest time so we finally went and got some. Girl loves her dinosaurs. Maybe we have a future paleontologist on our hands 😉 After shopping we had lunch at Panera. I love Panera, but I solely made my decision based on the fact that Panera has a big outside eating area, which is perfect for us. Quiet & sitting aren’t words that really sit well with this girl. I was able to eat my lunch and she was able to run around freely, in between her bites of mac and cheese, and I didn’t have to worry about judgmental eyes. Win win.

Here’s to Mommy/Baby dates. May we have many many more. 

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