Captain Obvious

Avery is learning and doing and saying so much these days.
As her vocabulary and knowledge grows- so does her “captain obvious” syndrome. Or as I like to call it, little Ms. Obvious.
Anything she sees, anywhere we go. She has to tell me what it is, the color, shape. Anything. You know, incase I don’t see it. Or incase I don’t know. Sometimes, she will add a right? at the end.. Maybe for reassurance or maybe she’s just doing it to see if I’m paying attention.


my pink bike, right?


The more she learns, the more she likes to point out everything. I like to think my fake enthusiasm is still pretty good. But, I mean, how many times can I fake excitement when she sees the blown up picture of a dog and cat in front of the pet section at Target?

MOM! Kitty and doggie! Right? I see ‘dem!

Little missy talks non stop these days. Her little words have turned into little sentences. Sentences that tell stories, ask questions, describe everything in site and all sorts of other things that blow my mind and make me laugh on a daily basis. Even if there’s an occasional eye roll after she tells me “WOOK GREEN BALL!” 10 million times.

“I pick dis yewow one for you, mama!”

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