Beach Day

Thursday I decided I was in desperate need of some time away from real life. Garrett and I both had the day off, so we took off to Santa Cruz.

First thing was first, I had to get some clam chowder in a bread bowl. Because duh. Lunch, with an ocean view? Not bad. Avery spent the entire lunch yelling and pointing out the window “look guyssss scary shark in da watuur!” “wook it ders fishies out der, dey cute!”. Luckily we were the only ones in the entire restaurant and the servers got a good kick out of her. She walked out waving and blowing kisses and saying “i going to see da big watur now”.

My little fish was fearless in the water. Garrett had her out there and she took the waves like a champ and wanted to go farther and farther in. I see swimming lessons in our near future.
We played in the sand, and buried Garrett in the sand. She wanted NO part of burying her Dad. It freaked her out, big time. She hunted for seashells, built sand castles, spun and twirled in the sand, fell in the sand- a lot.

Avery is still too little to enjoy most of the board walk fun. Unfortunately they had a lot of the little kid attractions closed since it was a weekday and not quite summer time, but she still had fun running around the board walk and saying hi to everyone that walked past her. 
We all got a sweet snack- ice cream cone for Garrett, dippin’ dots for me, and a lollipop as big as her head for Avery. We sat on a bench and listened to the waves, the bells from the arcade and the buzz of all the people and by then we had a pretty emotionally tired two year old that was ready to pack it up.  
It was the perfect little day away and now I’m feeling ready for my regular scheduled programing of getting crap done tomorrow! Sort of. I’ll be busy trying to get rid of all the sand that managed to make its way into the car and home with us. So. much. sand. 
Happy weekend!

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