Earth Day + Earth Friendly Cleaners

On Sunday we went to an Earth Day Festival that we have in our city- that my Dad is in charge of putting together, along side some other awesome people.

 It’s a fun festival with lots of (vegetarian only!) yummy food, games and activities for kids and lots of local groups that set up booths to talk about what they do to help take care of our Earth! In the beginning they do a big family friendly bike ride, Avery is still too little to participate, but we brought her bike for her to “start” the ride with all the other riders. She thought she was awesome getting to ride her bike along side so many other people, but she was pretty disappointed when the riders went on and she had to stop. So Garrett took her around the park and then she was over it.. Hah, toddlers. We spent the rest of the day hanging out with family and friends, sprawled out on a blanket and eating all the picnic foods we brought! We ended the day with a drum circle where Avery shook maracas like it was her job! Until, the inner-toddler-tude hit, then she was over it and sat in the circle pouting and shouting “NO!” when we called her to us. Safe to say she was wore out!

Speaking of taking care of our Earth. We all know plastic pretty much sucks for our planet, right? Recently I stumbled upon Clean Path. Reusable spray bottles, that you attach refill pods to the bottom, squeeze in the cleaner, fill the bottle with water and viola! Each little refill pod makes three bottles- it’s so much easier on the wallet, a lot less plastic waste and a much “friendlier” cleaner. Its a win, win, win! Plus they smell so fresh and light, I really don’t care for strong smelling cleaning products so this is just perfect all around! I definitely suggest checking it out. 
Happy be-lated Earth Day.

One thought on “Earth Day + Earth Friendly Cleaners

  1. A vegetarian only festival would be amazing! Wonder if we have anything like that round here. And definitely feel ya on the toddler tude. One minute they're loving something, the next minute they're totally over it. Ez is just getting into that phase…so fun 😉 Looks like Avery had a great time though! Adorable pics 🙂


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