I am a Mom

We found out I was pregnant with Avery right before Mother’s Day of 2012. I was already pretty far along- and kinda scared out of my mind. Only people who knew, besides Garrett and I, were our parents. We weren’t sure yet how and when to tell the rest of our family.

I ended up confiding in a co-worker. I just needed to tell someone. I was young and did I mention scared. I also ended up having to tell one of my managers what was going on. Being a waitress and newly pregnant sucks! I was hot, tired and pregnancy anemia was kicking-my-butt. My co-workers ended up knowing before most of my family- oops!

On Mother’s Day, I got to work, and a few of my co-workers came over and hugged me and very cautiously, with a smile, said “Happy first Mother’s Day, you’re a mama now.”
Excuse me?
I knew I was pregnant- obviously I knew I’d be having a baby.
But did they just refer to me as a mom?

I lost it.

The rest of that day had a weird aura. All in one week I found out my life as an 18 year old, as I knew it, was over. And someone called me a freaking mom!

Here we are three years later and I am a Mom.
I feel like I actually do belong on the receiving end of Mother’s Day (alongside my awesome Mom and Grandma).
I am proud and grateful!

my first picture with my little babe

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas (& Mama’s to be) out there!!

2 thoughts on “I am a Mom

  1. Aww, your coworkers sound sweet. And crazy how much can change in a few years, huh? I was actually in labor for my “first” mother's day, so I figure mother's days can only get better from there 😉


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