Mother’s Day Gift Exchange

I took part in my very first blogger gift exchange and I am so glad I did!
JennyLiz, and Courtney hosted an awesome Mother’s Day Gift Exchange this year.

It’s nice for the mama to be spoiled everyone in a while and who knows this better then other moms themselves? This was a perfect idea!
My awesome Mother’s Day gift came from Noni who blogs at The Joni Journey. We discovered that the town Noni grew up in is just a couple cities over from me, and she actually has some family right here in the city I live in! She’s also a vegetarian, which it’s always fun to “meet” other vegetarians. So it was a perfect coincidence that we were matched.

Noni was spot on getting all of my faves! I first noticed the blue bow in my package and the hand written card. Bows and cards make every gift perfect, amiright?
I could not wait to bust into this coconut shower scrub and moisture set. Coconut is my favorite ever! 
I’m really looking forward to having a “me” moment and enjoying these face masks, and probably eating that chocolate 😉 The little bracelet is so cute- and blue which I love!
This pink note book is the cutest and I practically hoard notebooks so I love this! Of course her sweet little card, where she instructed me to have a margarita on Mother’s Day so I may just have to oblige.
Thank you, again, Noni for my sweet package! I hope you have the best Mother’s Day enjoying your sweet boy, Ez as you await officially becoming a Momma of two, so exciting!
I got to sent a box over to Laureen. I had so much fun picking out your goodies Laureen and I hope you have the best Mother’s Day! Head on over to her blog, chateaudeveau, to see what I sent her!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the other Mamas who participated in the exchange and thank you again ladies for putting this together.

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Exchange

  1. So glad everything arrived in one piece and that you loved it all! I hoard journals too, so one way or another I was buying that one. You're lucky I resisted swiping it and it actually made it into the mail 😉 And yay for fellow Central CA vegetarian bloggers!


  2. You are right lady!!
    Bows?? YAS!
    I am loving everyone's gifts!!
    It's so sweet to see mommas connecting.
    This was the best swap ever 🙂

    Also nice to “meet” you my friend hehehe
    I love it.


  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed your first box swap experience!!! Thank you for participating with us! That coconut set sounds amazing! It's weird to say that about something that you don't eat, but I seriously can imagine how good that will smell!
    Happy early Mother's Day!!


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