The Food Strike- Making Food Fun Again

It’s real, folks. The food strike IS REAL.

The last few weeks Avery has been on a serious food strike. Anything that doesn’t involve cheese (mac & cheese included), apple sauce pouches, animal crackers or strawberries is just a big fat NOPE.

I’ll spare you the irritating details of how just about every dinner turns into a food-flinging-war-zone.

Part of my attempt to make this better is I want to work with Avery to make food fun again. When Avery first starting eating solids it was so exciting, for us and her. Clearly eating pureed foods, or eating food in general, isn’t exactly new and exciting anymore. I think it should be!
Avery loves to help. It’s sort of that: you’re-not-really-helping-just-sortof-making-it-harder thing. But I digress. She loves it. So I’ve been letting her help as much as possible. Even simply just up-playing her food makes a difference, if I make it sound exciting, for the most part, she will approach it with excitement. Toddlers, so easily fooled 😉

Thursday night Avery helped make blueberry muffins. She was literally too excited for this. She was jumping at my feet yelling “I’m gon’ make muffins! MUFFINS!” the entire time I was getting ready. I’ve decided with letting Avery help make anything, it’s a good idea to have everything there and ready, we all know how patience isn’t exactly a toddlers strongest asset. It’s also fun for her to see everything she is going to be using right in front of her.

She had fun throwing in each ingredient then asking “now what, ma?”. While I filled the cupcake liners with mix, she ate probably half of whatever left over blue berries were left. Then, once they were all filled she insisted they needed “mo-berries” so she counted and threw on “one, two more” for each muffin.
The fifteen minutes it took to cook the muffins was torture. The five minutes she had to wait to let them cool before trying one.. was excruciating.

Once they were done, and she finally got to eat one, she was so proud! She says: “yep puh-fect!”

I’m trying to slow down and make time to allow her to help & have fun with it. Realistically there will be days where I am in a hurry and not going to want toddler hands in the way, or there’s still going to be things she doesn’t like or just doesn’t want to try and the inner toddler-tornado is going to come out and dinner will still sometimes be a battle, because come on, she’s still two. But I am doing what I can to keep myself sane and her healthy until this “stage” is over!
baking blue berry muffins from Emily Beckwith on Vimeo.

Any other Mama’s out there going through, or have gone through, this with their babes? I’d love to hear how you handle(d) it! Any advice/tips always appreciated 😉 hashtag end the food strike!

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