Celebrating 100 Posts

Blogging has always been around me. Fun fact, my dad started a blog way back in the 90’s. It always seemed pretty awesome that my dad had his own corner of the internet that was his. In 2006 my dad encouraged me to start my own blog. Which I did, off and on, all the way into May of 2008.

Fast forward to 2012, I basically forgot about blogging other then my dad talking about his blog.
Until, I was pregnant with Avery. I started following other Mama blogs that I found through Pinterest.
Before Avery’s first birthday, I decided it was time to start blogging again. I spent enough time silently following all these awesome blogs, I wanted to start my own! So I did.
I wanted to blog about my life raising my little Avery Mae. My very first blog post  I blogged about Avery turning one, and the rest, is history 😉

Here I am 19 months later writing my 100th blog post! I am so thankful to be part of the blogging community and so proud of myself for reaching 100 posts!

So here is me throwing some digital confetti in the air to celebrate, and to many more posts! I am having fun sharing this journey on my own little corner of the internet. Thank you for following along!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating 100 Posts

  1. Pioneer blogger, hah, I love that! He does still blog! It's been a few months but he is there every so often. He writes about all sorts of stuff, it'd be hard to sum it up, but he also uses it to sort of document life! Feel free to check out his blog 🙂 http://www.mattbeckwith.com

    And thank you. It does get hard keeping up on the blogging train but I am sure glad I have!


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