Photo Sesh

Garrett and I have been engaged since December.

We wanted to have an engagement party but really wanted it to be an outside summer party, so next month we will be celebrating our engagement with our friends and family, and I couldn’t be any more excited.

We will be doing an actual engagement photo shoot at some point closer to the wedding, next year. For now- we wanted to take a few engagement photos to have for the party. So we got dressed and my mom took pictures of us at a park. Voila.

We trekked off into the way outskirts of the park where it was basically a pain-in-the-butt to get to. Avery managed to fall into a dead rose bush, so that was fun. After that she was D-O-N-E with pictures. Bribing her with Starbucks didn’t even work. It has been a while since we have any pictures taken together, that wasn’t taken from a front iPhone camera, so I really wanted to get some pictures of the three of us as well. 

I am excited to get the ball rolling with wedding planning! Also, excited to share the whole journey on this little ol’ blog!

One thought on “Photo Sesh

  1. Ouch! Poor Avery 😦 Love how the photos turned out though. And I'm excited to read along with your wedding planning. We've been engaged since March 2013, but we're waiting till after baby #2 gets here to do any planning, so I'll be taking lots of notes!


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