Engagement Party

Being engaged is such a fun time to celebrate. It’s a special time for a couple to reflect on their relationship and everything that has lead them to the point of being engaged, and to plan a life and future wedding together. Garrett and I have been engaged since December and right after he proposed my Mom said she wanted to make sure we have an engagement party- since we were pushing the wedding so far back. So this past weekend, my Mom and Dad hosted a party to celebrate our engagement and upcoming wedding. The party was amazing and so much fun and I am still smiling over it.

It was a beautiful backyard party at my parents house with lots of pink and yellow decorations everywhere, and of course lots of family and friends. And wine

For party favors we had a table set up with a basket of our engagement pictures printed out, little jars with hershey kisses that said “hugs and kisses from the Future Mr and Mrs” and little bags of popcorn with “he popped the question” tags. 

By the  end of the evening there were lights everywhere and lots of music and dancing.  
We have been talking about the party for weeks, and Avery was getting quite annoyed that we were getting her hyped up for a party and nothing was happening. Until party day, she wouldn’t stop running around yelling “its party time!“. So of course she had a blast playing and dancing and soaking up all of the attention. 
Now starts the real wedding planning!

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