Avery Mae Lately

Life has been getting hectic these days. With Avery’s third birthday approaching in the next four months- it’s hard not to notice how fast time is going with my not-so-baby-like-baby these days.

I’ve said this before, but my baby really isn’t feeling like such a baby anymore.

Her words, turned into sentences, turned into conversations and she never stops talking these days.
Her little brain observes everything around her. I mean everything. Watch what you say or do in front of this kid, seriously.
She is so smart, independent, strong willed, sweet, creative.. oh and so tall. I am really needing to get even more creative with my “out of reach” spots these days.

The things she comes up with sometimes is so funny, or sometimes she says things that make me realize she really takes in everything we say like telling me “okaayy MOM just one minute!”. Then she will say something so sweet like noticing when I’m sad and telling me “it’s okay mommy, soup make you feel beta!” *enter crazy pretending to cook hand motions* “here mommy I make you some soup!”. Her little mind is expanding so much with what she knows or remembers, or the way she plays pretend.

My little baby, turned toddler is turning into a, gulp, little kid.

I love watching you grow Avery Mae, I just wish it didn’t happen so quickly! No matter how big you get- you’ll always be my little squishy babe.

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