Kitchen Table Diaries

Gathering around the kitchen table for dinner is important. That has already been proven and talked about.

What about everything else that happens at the kitchen table?

Growing up that was sort of the heart beat of the entire home. A lot happened at the kitchen table. It was an unplugged space. No distractions from TV or phones, or anything else. That’s where my sister and I sat and colored when we were little, or came home to have a quick snack and do homework after school. That’s where we played family games, where we sat down with our parents for a “serious” talk. Where we sat while mom cooked dinner or at the end of the evening just to hang out.

Lately Avery’s favorite thing to do is sprawl out with her crayons and paper on the kitchen table while I cook dinner- she either sings her little heart out while doing so or talks my ear off with the occasional “right, mommy?” to make sure I am listening.
It’s where all the fun arts-and-crafts happen. It’s where we set out her train set. It’s where we sit down to talk while dinner cooks or just to reconnect on our days.

Our table isn’t anything special. It’s our first kitchen table in our little family of 3. Yet, I am glad to build those kitchen table memories with Avery as she grows.

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