When it comes to getting our apartment all put together Garrett and I have sort of left our bedroom to be the last room. We have a bed, dresser and night stand. That’s it. Nothing on the walls, curtains, anything.

The other rooms are basically done now and I am in the process of transitioning Avery’s bedroom into a big-girl-room. So, I am not ready to start the decorating process for our room just yet.

I did decide I really needed a desk space in our bedroom. Doing homework at the kitchen table or living room floor with a table desk just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I needed my own space.

After some furniture rearrangement and a trip to Ikea and rummaging through Target dollar spots desk accessories & organizers- I officially have my own desk space. Hallelujah people. Finally a spot for me, to do my stuff and a spot to keep my stuff- rather then having everything everywhere. Literally.

Avery has already gotten the memo “mommy’s stuff, no toddler hands allowed, capeesh?”

It is so nice to have somewhere to retreat to for working on homework or blogging and to have my iPad set up with Netflix for my current Gilmore Girls binging that’s going on.

Next I just need to throw in some personalized touches, shelves up on the wall, some bedroom curtains and it’ll be the happiest little corner. Oh, and a desk chair. The fourth kitchen table chair is currently pulling a temporary new duty as a desk chair.

Do any other Mamas have a personal space set for themselves, or work in progress like mine? 

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