Big Girl Room Makeover

Avery is just a couple months short of turning three. Gasp. Her little personality and interests have blossomed so much the past few months, not to mention she’s growing constantly. Poor thing did not fit on her toddler bed anymore and her bedroom was seriously needing some TLC since we moved into our apartment and it just was not working for her new big kid needs.

My parents wanted to buy Avery a new bed so I took is as a kick in the butt to get rolling with a new big girl room makeover.

Without further adieu..

I spent a day shopping a couple weeks ago while we waited for the bed to be delivered and once we finally had everything we sent Avery off to her Granny’s house (Great Grandma) for a couple hours while we set it all up and she got to come home to a big surprise.

I wouldn’t say we are completely done. There’s a few more things I’m hoping to do, shh don’t tell Garrett ;), but it is done enough to show off!

Apartment living is a bummer not being able to paint.. boo! So I plan to get as much color in there as possible without any over-kill.

Fun and function-able were my main goals! Keeping everything at Avery’s reach and most importantly making sure everything has it’s spot.

I played up a cheap Target book shelf by painting the back board and adding washi tape to the front face of the shelves and around the edges.
The baskets are perfect for storing and sorting her toys! With a smaller container with a lid for crayons and a bigger container has all of her doll house toys.
Her little pink bowl chair was another Target find- on sale and is literally the cutest most perfect thing.

Her reaction when she came in her room was perfect. At first she was just sort of confused and finally she asked “this is mine?” then she was all excited! Couldn’t stop running around on and off her bed giggling.

So excited we got it finished and Avery has a perfect space for her to play and grow. 
Also, I couldn’t help but capturing her sleeping in her new bed for the first night. So precious. I wanted to sneak in there and lay with her!
Happy Friday!

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