Avery Mae Lately

Avery is definitely a march to the beat of your own drum, color outside the lines, kinda girl. I mean, besides the fact that she is two and of course she colors outside the lines. Point is, she is definitely her own little person. 
Like, instead of leaving blankie at home, just once, she would rather cry at me because it is too hot outside while wrapped in her blanket. Is it rude to tell my toddler “DUH!”? Because explaining that I don’t have control over the sun just isn’t working.

Or, because mermaids don’t have feet, and she wants to be a mermaid princess- it only makes sense to dress in a tutu and tiara and scoot around on the ground.

My all time favorite (sarcasm).. Needing to dress herself. I really don’t need to say more. Any Mama out there with a toddler understands that toddler.

Also, now all tea party must consist of scarves. Because they are fancy. And tea parties are fancy. She is a child after her Mama’s heart- it sure is a good thing I have 40+ scarves. Literally. 

The teenage years should be very very interesting, but I hope she never loses her originality. 

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