I was tagged by Nina from The Joni Journey for 10 things I Love/Hate. Thank you for tagging me Nina, I love learning fun facts about anyone, so here’s some of mine. 
Things I love:
1. Avery and being her Mommy
2. Having a big family 
3. Dates with Garrett
4. All things coconut
5. Fuzzy socks
6. Spicy food. I could make a long list but, we’ll just keep it at all things spicy. 
7. Clever commercials. My Dad and I always talk about new commercials we see.
8. Fall. Wind, rain, pumpkins, countdown to holidays. The whole deal.
9. Scarves (this almost goes into obsession territory)
10. Pretty stationary. Can’t get enough 
Things I don’t love:
1. Dark chocolate. Why ruin good chocolate? No thank you.
2. Math. Need I say more?
3. Meat #teamvegetarian 
4. Laundry
5. Voicemails. I avoid listening to them as much as possible. Sorry not sorry.
6. Putting gas in my car. I’m spoiled. I tell Garrett when I’m on low fuel and he goes & fills up for me. 
7. Getting up early 
8. Constant whining. Sorry, Avery.
9. Going to bed without showering. I can’t
10. Litter
I tag Katie from Katie Did What, Laureen at Chateau Deveau and Lyndsey at Little Harper 🙂 
Happy Friday!

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