In the beginning of a new year everyone is all about goal-making, list writing and getting everything together for the new year. Which I am all about.
I love making goals for the new year. There is something nice about feeling a fresh start. Something else I like to do is to look back at those goals and resolutions throughout the year to see what I have done or haven’t done.

The last couple years I have hopped on the word of the year train- where you pick a word you want to  define your new year.

I was flipping through a notebook that I write in quite frequently and found the page I wrote in on New Years Eve, right after I found out that Garrett and I got approved for our new apartment.


We were going to take a big step and I new lots of little steps were to follow and I am not a huge fan of change so I wanted to approach it all with courage. Eight, Almost nine months into the year I wanted to change my word.

A great reason to look back at New Years resolutions is to adjust them according to how the year is going, since change is inevitable.


Since change really isn’t my strong suit, I sort of lack in the adjustment department as well.

2015 has had quite a few changes. Big and small.

Right now I am adjusting to my first few months through a new college, with a new major and incorporating that into the daily life of mommy duties and work. Garrett is adjusting to working long graveyard shifts and we are adjusting to what that means for our dynamic at home.

Good or bad, changes happen and it is important to go with the flow.

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