Happy Septmeber

I felt so happy this morning because I woke up and it was September and that means it’s almost fall. Then I grudgingly got out of bed because I remembered I live in California. It’s still pushing 100 degrees around here and we won’t see Fall until maybe the end of October, if we are lucky.  I dream of seeing four seasons, people.
A great thing about living in California, I have to say, is we are just a hop, skip and a jump away from just about anything. A couple hours in any direction can get us to either the mountains, beach or lots of really awesome cities. 
This past weekend we decided to take advantage of the Northern part and head up to the mountains. 
It was a nice day away to play in the mountains, walk some trails and play in the river. 

There’s something about being outside with some fresh air, with no cellphone service for a day. 
With the whole California drought thing, the river line was slightly low but we found a nice little beach area that was sort of an off roading trek to get to but once we were there it was a nice private area where we ate our picnic lunch we brought while Avery played in the water and we explored a little bit. 

The other thing about exploring the mountains for the day? E-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g.
We were wiped. Poor Avery had no nap all day and played her little heart out. She put up a good battle on the way home, talking about the moon and wanting her own pink car. But she eventually gave in and slept the entire drive home. 

Just about every day with Avery has a funny story highlight, the winner from this trip was trying to get her to use a public camping bathroom, pretty difficult. But trying to convince her that it is okay this once to go pee in the river when she had been holding it for nearly two hours because she didn’t want to use the “icky potty”, impossible. She must have reminded me 50 times that I was the one who told her not to go pee anywhere but a toilet to begin with and she wanted to go home to go pee and then come back. Forget the hour and a half drive, right? 
Happy September! Here is to approaching fall, way too quickly & fingers crossed that this state gets with
the program sometime soon and we get some cooler temps! 

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