Labor Day Weekend

The last extended weekend of the summer has come and gone. Now hopefully we will be getting some fall type weather pretty soon. 
We spent our weekend enjoying summer while it’s here, even though I will not be sad to see it go!
Saturday Avery and I went with my mom to a hot air balloon festival. Thanks to unexpected traffic we got there 45 minutes later then planned, so we missed the release of the hot air balloons. Luckily there was still hot air balloons floating around plus some other fun stuff going on when we got there. Avery was terrified of the hot air balloons. Totally random. She kept saying they were going to fall and squish her. She was cool watching them from the sky, but the ones tethered to the ground freaked her out. 
After watching the balloons for a while Avery got to take a pony ride and feed some animals in the petting zoo! She l-o-v-e-d the pony ride. She has moved on to Sheriff Callie being her new favorite Disney Junior show, which has her all sorts of obsessed with cowgirl hats, horses, lasso’s, the whole nine yards. She kept calling herself a cowgirl and yelling “ye-haw!” the entire ride. 

Sunday was a farewell summer party at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. During the summer, they have quite a few get togethers plus any summer holiday is spent at her house, since they’re the ones with the pool! So Labor Day is treated as the last swim of the year, also when she gathers a box of random stuff that people have left at her house at some point during the summer. I finally figured out where my sunglasses and swimsuit cover up went 😉
Now, I will be dreaming of cooler temps and pumpkin everything!

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