Our Weekend//Garrett’s Birthday

The last weekend of September has came to an end! What’s better then an endless ramble about the weekend and a big photo dump to go along with the rambling? Well, a lot of stuff. But I’m going to do it anyways. 
Garrett’s Birthday was Friday. He came home from work and Avery and I attacked him with balloons and gave him his cards, present and banana cream pies before heading off for a Birthday lunch. 

While Garrett went home to get some sleep (since he is working graveyard now), Avery and I went to see my mom who had just gotten back from a work trip for the week. Avery got out good, getting to see her Grandma after a long week- and of course Grandma brought back presents. 
Another bonus of Grandma’s house is Avery gets to play with my parents dog Sayde, who Avery calls her dog. My parents adopted Sayde when Avery was just 7 months old and Sayde was just a little puppy, and Avery and Sayde are basically glued to each other anytime they are together.
The rest of the evening we hung out at home watching The Croods, eating popcorn and playing birthday balloons. Side note- why haven’t I blown up 20 balloons and left them all over the house before? The best entertainment for a two year old!
Saturday we went to a bike festival that my dad is a part of putting on in our city. Avery got to ride her bike around a little obstacle course, teaching bike safety!
And like all good festivals, we listened and danced around to some live music. It’s pretty typical for toddlers to love music but Avery is truly captivated watching a live band play, it’s pretty awesome. 

We did some shopping and stopped at Trader Joe’s and marveled at all the pumpkin items, best part of fall. Saturday night we had some friends and family over to my parents house for Garretts birthday- had some good food, cake, good drinks and cards against humanity (which is an awesome adult game for anyone out there who hasn’t played it, you should!). 

Sunday we spent some time with Garrett’s family and came home to spend the rest of the Sunday relaxing! We tried making it out to see the full moon, but it was too cloudy to see anything. Which was a bummer since I had gotten Avery hyped up about the awesome moon.
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Happy almost October!

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