Avery’s Third Birthday

Sunday we celebrated Avery’s third Birthday with a bunch of family and friends with her Mermaid Birthday party. This was definitely the best Birthday to date since she actually knew this one was coming and couldn’t stop talking about it for over a month.

Beware. Photo dump ahead. 
She played so hard all day long with her friends and cousins, and in true three year old fashion she threw a fit when we asked her if she wanted to take a break to eat- of course not. She sang happy Birthday, to herself, along with everyone else and she wanted to open every single toy after she opened every present. She also declared how “awesome!” each toy was as she opened it. 

We had a purple and blue cake- because that’s what birthday girl asked for.
She had the best day and was so wore out by the time it was over!
Monday was her actual Birthday, and since one day of celebrating isn’t enough, we had a girls day. Avery’s Grandma, Great Grandma, Auntie and I took her for a day of crepes, shopping, lunch and then more shopping. 
most delicious birthday crepes

Avery’s Birthday present from her Dad and I was a trip to Build-A-Bear. If you haven’t taken your toddler there yet, it’s seriously the cutest little experience. Since her Daddy taught her well, she went straight to the Storm Trooper Star Wars bear and insisted that was her bear. She got to help stuff him, put his heart inside, brush him and pick out his clothes, then name him and create his birth certificate. She loves the bear and loves telling everyone that she put her bears heart inside.
Probably her favorite part of her Birthday is her new little pet- Merk (any Mama’s who watch Miles from Tomorrow Land, she named her bunny after the robot ostrich).  She is absolutely in love and loves trying to help take care of him and make sure his food and water is “not too hot and not too cold’.
It was a great couple days of Birthday celebrating and she already cannot wait until her next Birthday! I certainly can. I am positive this year is going to be our most exciting and craziest yet!

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