My Birthday Weekend- End of Birthday Season

My twenty-second birthday was this past Saturday, and like all Birthdays around here it consisted of a weekend long of celebrating, with lots of food. Is there any other way?

Friday night we went to get my new phone and had in n out for dinner. Basically a perfect evening.

Saturday morning Garrett went to my favorite bagel shop to pick up bagels & stopped for Starbucks for a nice lazy breakfast at home. Then we watched Aladdin, for the millionth time, Avery made me lots of pretend birthday cake and sang happy birthday a thousand times before heading out to lunch at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant (birthday tradition).
Family photo fail. That sun ruined it.

I spent the rest of the day shopping with my Mom and Sister, then helping my Sister get ready for her Home Coming dance that was Saturday night.

Later Garrett and I went on a dinner date, where he locked his keys in the car and we got stuck forever waiting for a tow-truck, hah 🙂 so we had drinks and ate delicious pita bread and waited, and waited. Darn.

Sunday morning my Mom gathered some of my favorite ladies together for brunch.

After lunch all 10 of us went over to one of my favorite stores, because I always talk about it and 7 out of the 10 had never been there. So we raided the store and everyone left with bags. I don’t know how popular Charming Charlie is everywhere else, but if there is one anywhere near you, go! 🙂 
The rest of the Sunday was spent relaxing off the mimosas and bloody marys before my Mom made me my favorite things- tacos and pumpkin pie, another birthday tradition.
Cannot wait to see what adventures being twenty-two gets me! 
Now that my birthday is over, we are officially out of what I call birthday season. In a four week span we celebrate Garrrett’s birthday, Avery’s and then mine- right before the start of Holiday season. So, goodbye birthday season, hello happy holidays!
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