Pumpkin Pickin’ & Carving

We are in the final days before Halloween. Candy bowl is full, Avery’s costume is ready. All that was left was to go to the pumpkin patch & carve pumpkins. 

Avery and I went to a cute little local pumpkin patch and walked around, chased butterflies (Avery did that part) and picked out pumpkins. 
Avery was obsessed with the little pumpkins- of course. So she picked a couple of those to decorate then helped pick outa couple big ones to carve. She would have taken home all the pumpkins, if I let her. This girl was so excited

Avery drew the face on her pumpkin and I cut it out for her. She refused to help gut her pumpkin or even put her hand inside. So of course we did all of that part too. 
Garrett had his own pumpkin to carve while I helped Avery with hers and sat over his shoulder telling him to save the seeds so I can cook them. Now we have two awesome jack-o-lanterns ready for Halloween. 

And for kicks- here’s a picture of Avery at the pumpkin patch just after her first birthday. 

Can’t wait to take my little pumpkin trick or treating this year. She is so excited and has been looking forward to it for weeks. 
Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween! 

One thought on “Pumpkin Pickin’ & Carving

  1. Aww, that flashback pic is adorable! And so is the one of Avery on the hay bales. We visited three pumpkin patches this year, but we never got carving pumpkins. Then we wanted them at the last minute and there were none left…whoops. I have a feeling Ez wouldn't have been a fan of pumpkin guts either though.


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