Halloween 2015

Kit-kats and m&m’s stashed in my purse and a toddler constantly asking for “mo’ candy”every couple minutes. Yep, another successful Halloween.

We had a couple days of Halloween celebrating, because one just simply isn’t enough of course. This year Avery dressed up like Izzy the pirate from Jake and The Neverland Pirates. But, she did change her mind every single day of what she wanted to dress up as- but I eventually needed to make the final decision. I’m preparing myself for the next years to come, I can see my days of picking out her costumes are long behind us, it was a good four years, though.
Back to the costume. She was very particular and precise on her costume looking just like Izzy. The costume was simple and easy and turned out perfect. A few little kids even stopped mid trick-or-treating to point of that “it’s Izzy!” and made her feel very special.

Friday Avery dressed up and we went to visit my Mom at her work, where Avery got some candy and cake. Then we went trick-or-treating at my work. I work at a retirement community and if there’s anything senior citizens love more than children is giving children tons of candy. She got out with a pumpkin full of candy. When we got home it took me two hours to convince her to take off the costume.

Saturday, 3 hours before we headed out to go trick-or-treat. Avery asked me why I wasn’t dressing up and told me fifty times she wanted me to dress up like a pirate with her, and since I know some day she will roll her eyes at her Mom dressing up and matching costumes will make her cringe. I made up the quickest Mama pirate costume I could.

We went trick-or-treating down a local main street that is full of local businesses that sit outside giving candy. It’s pretty fun to go in and outside of local shops to get candy. We ended that pretty early so we went to do some Halloween activities. Becasue, I am a genius and over a month ago I bot a TON of Halloween crafty stuff from Target dollar spot and forgot about it, until the day of Halloween, naturally.  So we drew some pictures, stuck some stickers and drew faces on foam ghosts until it got dark enough for trick-or-treating around my Moms neighborhood.

By the end of the night its safe to say Avery perfected the “twick-oh-tweat” and “dank you!”. She picked mostly m&m’s and suckers out of basically every candy bowl except for the ones handing out temporary tattoos that she thought were stickers. Garrett and I took over most of the good stuff that night leaving a bowl full of smarties, random chocolates and tootsie rolls.

I hope everyone had a fun and festive Halloween!

One thought on “Halloween 2015

  1. Aww, what a cute Izzy! You guys got it just right. And I love the last minute pirate costume you pulled together. Ick to smarties…how is that even considered candy? It's so chalky. Sounds like a fun Halloween full of LOTS of trick or treating 🙂


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