Currently, November

 Oh my gosh, I can’t get over that it’s already November.. let alone we are half way through November. Same ol’ song but life has been crazy around here lately. Life with a three year old is no joke. It’s been quiet around here lately and I love reading other bloggers “currently posts” so I decided to do my own to break the silence.


Eating: Anything that can be put in the crock pot. We finally went straight from Summer to Winter, well as close to Winter as California can get. But there is nothing better than sticking food in the crock-pot and letting it sit. I’ve been on the Pinterest hunt for lots of soups to try out this Winter

Enjoying: This weather! We’re actually getting some rainy days around here finally and some cold winds, leaves are falling and it’s just perfect.

Planning: Wedding planning. Well trying to, anyways. A friend recently text me saying “10 month count down! How’s the planning going?“- and then I almost fainted. Ten months. So much to do, still.

Reading: If it’s not a school related book or blog related, then it’s not being read. Which is a bummer, so if anyone has good read suggestions, I’m all ears!

Regretting: Procrastination. It’s terrible. I need to stop!

Thinking about: I’ve been thinking heavily about publishing more things I have written that are safely tucked away in an Evernote file. 

Wearing: All things warm, scarves, lots of red and cranberry. My scarf obsession is real. And this year I am loving everything in red/cranberry colors.

Watching: Totally binge watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix and watching Gilmore Girls for the 50th time.

Working on: School is taking a major priority in my life right now. I’m working on keeping focused and getting done. I can see the light!

 Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Currently, November

  1. Yay for crockpots and rainy days. I'm loving this California weather lately too! And red/cranberry colors have been a long standing obsession of mine, but somehow I don't have any scarves in that color, so I've been on the lookout.


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