Shopping and Boyfriends

Last week Avery and I did some shopping with my Mom to get a jump start on Christmas shopping. I’m trying my best to not wait until last minute this year.. we’ll see how that works.

This year is the first year we totally cannot buy Avery anything with her actually with us, so that should be interesting planning out shopping trips without her. I was able to get quite a few things and make a nice dent into Christmas shopping.

Back to the point. 
Avery has always since she was an infant been more drawn towards Men then Women. The older she has gotten the more she has turned into quite the little flirt. It’s hilarious and has me dreading teenage years all at once.
So on our shopping trip we stopped at Trader Joe’s. Avery was pushing her little cart around (seriously, aren’t those kind of a pain?!), per usual- I’m walking totally awkwardly trying to avoid my ankles from being ran into. A man that works at Trader Joe’s walks by and stops in front of Avery and kneels down in front of her with a couple small flowers and asked if she liked flowers. At first she sort of backed away but as soon as she realized he was giving her the flowers she smiled and reached for them and did her little nervous giggle. Without missing a beat as soon as the guy walked away she says “Mom! That boy likes me!”. She walked around the store the rest of the time (&  day!) just gleaming with her flowers and the whole car ride home she was going on and on about the boy giving her flowers. Of course he won title of being her new boyfriend, girl is easily pleased.

I am sure he was picking up flowers that dropped off of bouquets that were probably going to end up in the garbage, but giving them to Avery instead seriously made this little girls day!
 Everyone have a happy Tuesday! 
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