Avery’s Christmas Wishlist 2015

Happy Holiday week! Thanksgiving is vastly approaching and so is the countdown to Christmas and getting shopping done! So here I am with Avery’s wish list for this year!

one || two || three || four || five || six

One: art supplies. We love arts and crafts and now that Avery is a little older we can amp up our art supplies to be more fun for her little toddler self. 
Two: warm clothes. California probs.. girl has no warm clothes. Also, pajamas. She has none. In the warm months she just wears a t-shirt to bed. But it is getting a little cold for that. So she will be getting a definite warm clothes haul for Christmas this year. 
Three: Star Wars toys. This makes me so proud, and it makes her Daddy even prouder! She has been Star Wars obsessed lately! Thanks to the men in her life (her Dad, Grandpa etc). A lot of the Star Wars toys are action figures that have five thousand pieces that come on and off- that just won’t do for a three year old, so we are hunting for toddler friendly Star Wars toys this year.
Four: Avery loves her tea party set. But it is an older Little Tikes set she got a few years ago. So it’s time for an upgrade, and I absolutely love this set from Land of Nod. 
Five: Books. Can never have enough, right? I love finding new quirky books for Avery and I am so thankful that she loves books- so I want to keep feeding the love!
Six: Princesses all around. She is finally over all things Elsa and wants ALL the princesses, which I am totally okay with. I’ve grown tired of Elsa, please tell me it’s not just me! Target has a Target exclusive pack of Princess dolls that I am hunting down.. But apparently a lot of Mama’s out there are hunting it down as well because, it has not been easy to catch it on the shelves. Wish me luck! Also, the Disney Store always has sales that are killing it this year! What better place to shop Disney princess then at the Disney store? Duh.
What are your toddlers asking for this Christmas? Just a little over a month away!
Also, fun fact! Target has 40% off all sleep wear in store & online tomorrow! Perfect time to grab your little babes some new pajamas, and yourself 😉

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