Her Name Is Lulu

It’s that time of the year again, where all sorts of magical happenings, happen.

Que, Elf on The Shelf.

This little elf has quite the controversy around it.

By a lot, I mean, a whole lot!
Whether you love or hate the elf, go all out or do the bare minimum (guilty), it really is each parent and families own personal preference but what’s a parenting choice without a little controversy, right? 
Here is my stance on the infamous Elf. 

With most (optional) things in life I try to go along with the motto that I will do it for as long as I enjoy it and don’t see it as a chore. Example, when I stopped eating meat nearly 5 years ago- I told myself I wouldn’t deny myself of anything. If I ever decided I really wanted a hamburger, I’d eat a hamburger. I just haven’t had the urge. Except that time I really wanted beef jerky when I was pregnant with Avery, sent Garrett out in the middle of the night, just to eat one piece and say “YUCK!“.

Anyways, I’m taking that road with the elf. Luckily Avery doesn’t have social media, or isn’t at the age where she can compare her Elf to other elves or else I would really suck. She’d probably ask where her North Pole, My-Elf-Is-Back breakfast is. Or why her elf isn’t doing something crazy and mischievous every morning. Seriously, thanks Pinterest. To which I’d have to tell her: Mama just doesn’t have time for that! Those Mamas who put their creative bone into the elf, kudos to you!

Our elf, Lulu, came about last year. Last year Avery was only two. We followed no elf rules and the elf just sort of hung out as a regular toy. Yes, we let her touch the elf.
This year, since Avery understands the concept of the Elf and Santa a little more we decided to stick to the Elf rules. When Lulu came this year, I explained to Avery that Lulu watches over her to report to Santa on her behavior. Avery thought it was awesome. She tells us repeatedly “I can’t touch my Lulu right? I have to be good so Lulu can tell Santa, right?”. Oh, and I am not beneath reminding Avery “be good or else Lulu is going to tell Santa and you won’t get presents!”, it works, and with these terrible three’s: I’ll try anything. 

I know I won’t commit to anything crazy with the Elf. I’m lucky if I actually remember to put it in a new spot each morning.. so far so good. Avery loves it and loves the idea that Santa personally sent a little friend to her home.

Also, with Avery getting older I am trying to explain to her more about holidays and traditions past Santa and presents. Seriously, you should have heard my spiel about Thanksgiving. Sure, she is still three and all she gets from it is “so I get to eat turkey?”. Point is, I want her to start hearing it young. But Christmas is fun and magical for kids and I want her to experience all the fun and magic that she possibly can, for the time being.

I think we are lucky because we are at such an easy age with Avery when it comes to this stuff.
These things are constantly adjusting and changing.Who knows, maybe next year my elf opinion will change. For now, we are welcoming our month long house guest with open arms. Or not, because we aren’t supposed to touch her, ya know.

Any other Moms out there participate in Elf on the Shelf? Or chose not to? I’d love to hear.

One thought on “Her Name Is Lulu

  1. I was thinking we'd start elf on the shelf next year when Ez is 3.5. I love seeing all the fun stuff everyone's elves get up to, and I totally want to go all out, but then I remember I'm the one that actually has to plan all that, sooo…probably not gonna happen. I like your approach though. Just keep it fun and simple. And when I was pregnant with Declan I wanted a cheeseburger so bad. I was at the airport and went to McDonald's only to find it closed for construction, so I took that as a sign and now looking back I think eww, so glad it was closed.


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