Christmas Desserts & Tacky Sweaters link up and Oven Failure

Joining in on the Christmas Desserts & Tacky Sweaters link up! I’ve been excited for this link up, any excuse to wear my tacky Christmas sweater, I’m in!

Avery even wore her Christmas sweater to join in!

Fun fact. I originally planned on making something else for this link up, but when I went to make something in my oven the other day I found out my oven stopped working correctly sometime in the last week. Fail.
Luckily, I had ingredients on hand to make these yummy chocolate desserts, that don’t technically require my oven to actually heat up to the temperature it’s supposed to.. Fail again because it took literally forever for these things to cook and they wouldn’t rise correctly. Send oven repair ASAP.

Chocolate croissants, or technically chocolate crescent rolls. 
I love making these. Super yummy and my kind of baking- easy. Also, really easy to add in anything you like. 
 All you need, is the Pillsbury crescent rolls, chocolate chips and marshmallows if you chose (always say yes to marshmallows), sprinkles optional. This would also be delicious with white chocolate chips, or just about anything. Not pictured: cinnamon sugar to roll the rolls in. 
 Take the crescent rolls, lay them out then layer in chocolate chips and marshmallows. This is where you could add whatever else you’d like to put in! 
Roll them up, and throw them on a pan! 
  I personally like to then roll them in some cinnamon sugar to coat the outside.
my little taste tester
About ten minutes later you have some perfectly fluffy, golden brown, gooey chocolate and marshmallow desserts. Unless your oven is not cooperating like mine, in which case you don’t take a final outcome photo because they do not come out like anything worth looking at, hah! Thanks oven. Maybe next time 😉 


 The best part, was doing it all in my Christmas sweater!

A closer look at the snowmen, yay for thrift store finds! 😉 also, yay for selfies and iphone camera timer because Garrett wasn’t home to take any pictures of me in my sweater, and three year olds don’t exactly get the best angles. 
Thank you to the ladies hosting the link-up, looking forward to seeing everyone’s desserts and tacky sweaters!

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