Mommy & Baby Weekend

Well, we are one weekend closer to the end of the year! Garrett was out of town in San Francisco all weekend. So it was just me and the little babe for three days.

Friday night was deemed pizza night. Garrett doesn’t care for homemade pizzas (crazy, guy!) so whenever we have a dinner without him, that’s usually my go-to, hah 🙂

 It’s lots of fun and Avery LOVES helping make pizzas. I went with already-made pizza crusts this time, however, Trader Joe’s pizza  dough is my all time favorite and that’s usually what we use.

Avery pilled on her toppings and then sat in front of the oven while it cooked. Poor thing, since our oven is still not working it took nearly thirty minutes rather then the ten it should have took. Funny how she all of a sudden has patience when it comes to food. Child after my own heart.

Saturday we had a special pancake breakfast with Santa.Which went amazingly well. Avery finally loves Santa this year. Which was a nice change of pace. She was slightly skeptical when I told her to go sit with him, but when I told her she could sit next to him rather than on his lap she was all for it. It was great. All of Santa’s “elves” were swooning over Avery, which of course she ate up.

Avery also got the chance to make an ornament and decorate a Christmas cookie; which was followed by asking if she could eat the cookie ten thousand times, naturally.

Saturday was also my Moms birthday. So we spent the entire half of our day at my parents house. My Sister and I made my Mom an alfredo dinner and then a cookie dough ice-cream pie. My mom is great and always makes sure we have great Birthdays and we have our favorite dinner and dessert so we like to do the same for her.

The ice-cream pie, turned out delicious. Cookie dough ice-cream is my moms favorite so turned into pie form was perfect for a “birthday cake”.

Sunday I did some much needed homework catching up, while Avery used her play phone to call her Dad all day. Seriously this girl was missing her Dad like crazy, I just wasn’t cutting it!
Latter in the day we did some Christmas shopping. Nineteen days until Christmas. Oh-My-Gosh!

Is anyone else scrambling to finish Christmas shopping, like me?
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and has an even better week!

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