SanFrancisco Trip

I cannot believe we are going in to the last weekend before Christmas.

Every year I tell myself I wont wait until the last minute to finish shopping and to get done everything I need to get done before Christmas, but here I am. Still not finished shopping or anything else for that matter.

I have a final to take this weekend, but I am going to blog about our San Francisco instead. Because I really wish I was sitting at the beach in San Francisco, instead.

The city is beatiful this time of year. The weather is perfect and there is Christmas everywhere.

Ironically, we happened to make our day trip the same day as the yearly Santa Convention. Which was interesting. Have you ever seen thousands of Santas participating in a toy drive/Bar crawl. Well, now I can say: we have!
Avery was confused to say the least. But we told her some of the people were Santas helpers and others were just dressed up like Santa for fun. There was no way I could tell her the drunk Santas walking the streets were Santa helpers. Only in San Francisco. It was a lot of fun though. All the Santas were walking around singing Christmas songs and handing out candy canes to the little kids.

We spent our day exploring down town San Francisco before going to see the Golden Gate bridge and hanging out at the beach. The beach in December? Thank you California!

And the Golden Gate bridge, beautiful as always. So fun to see and take a short walk on. Once you start getting towards the middle, it’s pretty windy & a little shaky with the cars flying by. So we stopped once Avery had the “this is pretty sketchy” look on her face.

A child after my own heart, Avery LOVES the beach. She could run around yelling “this is so much fun!” in the sand and the water all day. Honestly, so could I. Garrett on the other hand, isn’t crazy about it. He’d rather be in the mountains. He so kindly entertains us though and sits with our stuff and takes pictures.

Who wouldn’t love this view?

Maybe I should finish wrapping Christmas presents now.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! One week until Christmas!

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