Welcome 2016-Goodbye 2015

First of all. Is it really already two thousand sixteen? I mean, how?!
Time truly does fly.

2015 was good to us.
Avery grew a ton in the last year, grew even more spunky, animated and awesome. I cannot wait to see what she brings in the new year.

This year, is the year Garrett and I are getting married. This wedding is going to consume our year, and I can’t wait!

2016 will always be a year we will never forget. Along with the wedding, it’s going to be a huge stepping stone in our lives on so many levels.

This year I really want to stay on top of everything while really stopping to enjoy every moment. Life can sometimes be a teeter-totter between the two but  I am hoping to find the balance.

So goodbye 2015, you rocked. Cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!

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