Five Wedding Planning Apps

Wedding planning entails a lot.

And I am all for the good ol’ paper and pencil. I love my Wedding planner, but realistically speaking. What am I guaranteed to have on me at all times where I can keep an abundant amount of information?

My phone, of course.

So alas, my fellow brides-to-be.

Wedding planning digitized. Wedding planning: made easy.  Or as easy as wedding planning can get.

I have searched high and low (within the reach of Apples App Store Library) and gathered my favorite group of wedding planning apps

1. The Knot:

The Knot has a few beneficial wedding apps that are worth checking out. I use the Knot main app and the GuestBook app. The guest book is a great way of keeping track of a guest list and RSVPs.

2. Couple:

Not necessarily a wedding app, but never the less- fun. Wedding planning gets a bit crazy and it’s important to stay connected with your Fiancé! Garrett and I both have the couple app on our phone and lately we’ve been using it a lot for the “list” feature. We keep any wedding related lists in there and we can both see or edit the list. Also, you can type or draw notes and send that back and forth which is fun!

3. Wed Happy:

WedHappy is an awesome place to keep track of to-do’s and vendors and most of all payments! You can customize your lists and put in each vendor and the payment plans and when each payment is due- which is great to have easily put in one place to go over.

4. Pinterest:

Pinterest. If there ever was such a perfect Wedding planning app. Or any type of party planner for that matter. I created a secret Pinterest board and added my Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor so we all can Pin any inspiration we see while scrolling through Pinterest. Another fun feature of Pinterest: you can upload your own photos onto your board. Anytime I come across anything that I can take as Wedding inspiration, I snap a quick pick and send it into the Pinterest world.

5. Evernote/Scannable: 

Okay, not exclusively a wedding planning app but I love Evernote, so I had to throw it on there. This qualifies more as a life app. I keep any miscellaneous wedding anything in Evernote. My notes during vendor meetings, payments, photos, ideas, lists, reminders, everything. Best part- Evernote has a free scannable app: where you can scan anything onto your phone and save it in the Evernote app. I scan all contracts, receipts, business cards or anything else I need to have so that I don’t have to keep track of thousands of papers all at once.

So there you have it: my favorite round up of wedding planning must haves! 

Happy planning. Xo

One thought on “Five Wedding Planning Apps

  1. Amen to Pinterest! I haven't tried any of these other apps, but they all sound amazing! We just barely started making our guest list, so I'll probably start with that app first. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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