Friday Favorites: Favorite Natural look Makeup products


 On-the-go, no-makeup makeup-look is my go-to!

I pulled together my favorite makeup products for that light all-natural look.

I am definitely no makeup guru but these days: I’m a wanna-be. Lots of makeup experimenting around here!
Plus, everyone has their must haves right?

I got hooked on Benefit cosmetics in the last couple months. Basically love all of their products: the cute packaging and awesome makeup bags are just an added on bonus- oh and the free samples with purchase. Win, win.. Win.

boi-ing concealer: I use the concealer to cover my entire under eye and any other problem areas that need a little extra coverage.

they’re real mascara:Great mascara that has really long wear and I love the application brush.

lolli tint lip and cheek stain: Perfect for my cheeks, looks way more natural than blush and blends in nice and easily.

Puff off under eye gel: Goes on so nicely and helps cover those under eye, dark, puffy circles. Also adds some extra highlight to the under eye.

POREpressional: Literally obsessed. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do: minimizes pores and smooths out skin. Also, a little bit goes a long way. Perfect as a primer for foundation or worn alone!
license to blot: I have a serious issue with shininess so anything that can mattifies is a winner in my book. I put this on before I put on foundation and I will carry it around for touch ups throughout the day.

high beam liquid highlighter: perfect light highlighter for a natural glow!

instant brow eyebrow pencil: easy to apply and shape my brows and the brush end blends it all together so perfectly. Totally perfect for any day look, easily can create dramatic brows or natural looking brows!

Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray: Another recent obsession. Smells incredible, natural product- hydrates and freshens skin before or after makeup.

nyx BB cream: My current favorite BB cream, great for a natural look. Smooths entire face and looks like nothing is there.

nyx soft matte lip cream: Lipsticks are a whole new obsession of mine. Love these nyx liquid lipsticks. Goes on nicely, even fades nicely so I don’t have to worry about it looking ridiculous after it starts to ware off. Nyx has lots of nude shades, stockholm is my favorite for a natural looking lip color!

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