Snow Trip

This past Saturday we took a little day trip to the snow.

This was Avery’s first time visiting the snow and she was so excited. The whole way there she was asking when she was going to see snow and wanted to make sure we were going to help her build a snow man. She also sang “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” a million times. Which was to be expected. 

As soon as we got there she wouldn’t stop doing her giddy-giggle bouncing around all over the place. She just didn’t know what to do with herself. She told us “LOOK, it’s snow-falkin’!” (Snowing). 
At first we drove further up the mountain to a little snow park. But the snow was so fresh that we just sunk to our hips every step we took. It was lots of fun for sledding and throwing snowballs but not so much fun to try to walk in.

I took Avery down the little hill on the sled one time then she wanted to go by herself. It was terrifying watching her go alone because the sled goes pretty fast and she wasn’t great at holding on, or sitting up, but she thought it was hilarious so it was great.

After a while we went to the car to warm up and eat the lunch I brought for us then we ended up driving down the mountain where the snow was more packed in and icy. Much easier to walk in for those of us who aren’t crazy about the snow (guilty!).

We did some more sledding and Avery and Garrett built the worlds creepiest cutest snow man, we had more snowball fights then by that time we were all pretty wore out and Avery was o-v-e-r it.

It was such a fun trip but man, the snow is exhausting and too cold for Avery and I! Avery really didn’t want to say it, because she knows how much her Daddy loves the snow but she finally said:

“Mommy, maybe we can go back to the snow in a while, just not soon. Next time, we go to the beach!”

Sure thing baby girl!

She definitely takes after me: doesn’t like being cold and loves the beach. California girls true and true people.

We had a great time and we all slept especially good that night. Especially Avery who went to bed a whole hour early, win!

Here’s some fun videos of us sledding down the hill! Shout out to my sister for being there to make sure we actually stopped and didn’t go down the mountain, hah!

One thought on “Snow Trip

  1. I agree, the snow is too cold and slippery. But it's nice to visit every once in awhile. Bonus points for the extra sleep! That makes it worthwhile right there. That, and all the cute pictures 🙂


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