Lately. And our newest family member.

How is it real we are almost done with April? I feel like we need to be in January still! We are nearing just four months until our wedding. Which seems so surreal! I’ve also been working my rear-end off with school. I have gotten a whole new rush of motivation lately, the blessing of feeling passionate about what you are working towards! But man, it has me wore out. 
Speaking of wore out.. 

Any other toddler Mamas out there feeling exhausted? Avery’s energy level seems to be sky high these days. I have trouble keeping up! She has always been super talkative but her growing vocabulary makes it feel like she has been talking even more these days. She has lots of questions and has to point out everything she sees. Also, she repeats everything she says until you actually acknowledge her. My favorite thing she says lately: “easy-peasy”. And if she isn’t talking: she’s singing. Most of the time, even just casual conversation, she sings. *in her high-pitched singing voice* “hii mommyyyy how are yoouuuu?”

Garrett and I are getting ready to leave for Montana at the end of the week. Garrett is going to be the best man in his friends wedding (who will be his best man for ours). So it will be a fun few days of celebrating! Garrett is from Wyoming so we will also be going to Wyoming to visit and this will be my first time seeing where he grew up, which I am looking forward to.  Did I mention, we will be gone for five whole days! It will be the longest I have ever been without Avery. I am sad to be leaving her for so long but at the same time I feel like “woohoo five whole days!”, but I know I’ll be running home to see her by the time our trip is over. Motherhood.. Also known as bipolar. Amiright
Also some new news. We got a kitty! We rescued a baby kitten that was abandoned in the bushes a little over a week ago. We got her checked out by the vet and with lots of TLC she is now a happy/spunky little cat. When she first came in she could barely walk and had to be bottle fed. Now she is running all over the place, following Avery everywhere. Avery chose to name her Sherif Callie (like the cartoon), but we were able to talk her into just sticking with Callie, for short 😉 She’s been a lot of work but it’s totally worth it. Avery feels so proud telling everyone we rescued a baby kitty that didn’t have a family. 
Hope everyone is having a happy Monday and pulling through! 

4 thoughts on “Lately. And our newest family member.

  1. You're getting so close to your big day! I think they should bottle toddler energy and sell. They would make a fortune. Mason's favorite thing right now is to get really close to your face and whisper 'What are you doing?' then he laughs and runs away. I'm dreading for when I leave Mason, the longest I've ever left him for is 12 hours. I can't imagine 5 whole days. But then again it would be nice, maybe to catch up on some sleep haha. Callie is adorable! Good for you guys for rescuing her.


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