Avery’s Rollercoaster experience

This past weekend my Dad’s work hosted an event at a local park (which also has a zoo and a little “fun town”). We all went and Avery got to run around at the park, jump in a bounce house, we walked around the zoo and then made our way over to the Fun Town. Small little area with maybe 10 carnival type rides that take tickets, a train and a popcorn stand. That type of thing. Avery hasn’t really ever rode on any type of ride. She has once but it was one of those teacup rides that you can somewhat control the speed and that was over a year ago. So she was hesitant about the rides. 

First we went to the tilt-a-whirl. She held my hand tightly as we waited in line. She was biting her lip watching the people on the ride. I could feel her sweaty little hand pull away from me as she started walking away from the ride “Nevermind, Mommy. Let’s just got get Daddy”. I assured her the ride would be so fun, and it was our groups turn to get on. 
We picked our spot and before we knew it we were spinning! And she was laughing. She had her head pushed all the way back, every time the ride took a quick whip around her face would get a little nervous. But she was laughing and even putting her arms up! 
We got off that ride and she ran over to tell everyone how much fun she had and she was “sooo dizzy!” 

The next ride was a mini roller-coaster. Garrett and my sister wanted to ride so I told Avery let’s give it a shot. Her settle nervousness flew out the window for this one “NO! I’m going to sit with Grandma and Grandpa. I’ll just watch. Again, I reassured her that it would be fun- just like the last time. She started whining. Garrett and I totally avoid baby’ing her. So we ignored her. Knowing if she really just didn’t want to do it, she would continue to tell us. So we loaded onto the ride, Garrett tried sitting next to Avery to which she replied “NO I WANT TO SIT WITH MOMMY! She has to hold my hand!” I gave him a “ha-ha she wants me smile” and climbed on in next to her. 
She said again “I think I just want to watch. This one goes up and down too much!” I smiled, “this will be so much fun”  

Her little nervous smile. 

Once the ride started, she never laughed. Never smiled. Never let go of the bar in front of her. 
Everyone else on the ride laughing and letting out loud “woo-hoo’s!!” She looked straight forward the entire time making sure her head never left the back of her seat. 
I thought for sure she was going to yell at me at the end. 
Once the ride was pulling to a slow end everyone was adjusting themselves and catching their breath. Before I could even look at her Avery yelled out “THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!”. Everyone was laughing since she was the only one whining before the ride, oh and since the rest of us felt like we got a major case of whip-lash (hah). 
As we climbed off she says “that ride was the best I shouldn’t have said no. Let’s do it again!” 
After that she was a riding machine and she went on another one she was too afraid to ride at first. She even complained that the train was just too slow 😉 
It totally doesn’t seem like a big deal but it was so sweet. I was so proud that she faced her fear and that she learned a little lesson from it. Now every time she is afraid of something I will remind her of the roller coaster she was afraid of and ended up loving. 

3 thoughts on “Avery’s Rollercoaster experience

  1. Aww, what a big girl she's turning into! Love these pictures and that she wound up trying everything even though she didn't want to at first. I still get nervous the first time I ride a roller coaster, but then afterwards I immediately want to go again 😉


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