Avery’s First Road Trip

Phew. First off, I got a new computer a few weeks ago and managed to get myself kicked off my blogger account while trying to get into it. Total first world probs. But I finally got back in, woohoo!

Okay back to the point..

It is officially Summer! How did this happen?

We kicked off our Summer fun with a road trip up to Oregon to see my little cousin graduate from High School.

This was Avery’s first real road trip (that was longer then a few hours)

We didn’t leave until Friday night and decided to pull an all nighter and drive straight through. We left around 8:30 and got to our hotel in Oregon at 4:30 AM. Garrett and I switched off from driving and resting and I made my sister stay up with me on my driving shifts to keep me company, hah 🙂

After getting a few hours of rest Saturday morning we made our way out to downtown and found a delicious little restaurant for breakfast. I was so excited to find out that the town we were in was super vegetarian friendly. Which was awesome. My Mom, sister and I being vegetarians, basically ordered a bunch of different dishes for us all to share. I suck at taking food pics, because I just can’t wait to dig in. Sorry, not sorry. But for breakfast I had vegetarian biscuits and gravy! I totally just kind of gave up on ever having biscuits and gravy once I gave up meat, until now 😉 Also, they had homemade hot sauces which were just ah-mazing. Also, they had a tiny little bar where we got the best bloody mary with jalapeño infused vodka.. yum!

 The rest of the day we did some exploring around town and on a beautiful viewpoint on a local mountain and walked around a creek that went right behind our hotel. Or “show-tell” as Avery says.

Until the day kind of took a turn of events. Avery randomly started complaining of a headache. Which left her laying in the bed crying for hours refusing to eat or drink. She wouldn’t walk, barely talked and would scream anytime we moved her. Avery being the tough cookie that she is, we were obviously a little worried. So I thought we would take her for a quick check at urgent care so we could go about our day. Which ended up getting her sent to the ER “just to be safe”.  After hours of waiting and a ton of questions the ER Doctor ended up contributing her head and neck pain to being asleep in the car for seven hours. They were pretty certain she pulled something and possibly the elevation (and not properly popping her ears) along with the strain on her neck was causing her severe pain. Oh, pain that finally diminished once we actually saw the Doctor. Go figure.

Sure gave us a fun story to tell. Oh and did I mention we missed the graduation. Enter sad face. We rushed out of the hospital once she was checked out and made it in time to hear the last graduates name be called and to take pictures.

Let me tell you though, my Mama heart was breaking for her while she was in pain. She has never cried that sort of way and I couldn’t help but cry with her. So, of course her well-being was the most important at that moment. I was able to watch the graduation from a TV in the hospital, and the entire hospital staff was so awesome with Avery and apologized over and over that we had to wait so long and missed the graduation. They offered to give us a neck brace for her to wear on the way home.. yeah right! So instead prescribed her some meds, a neck pillow and to get something good to chew on as we made our way back home down the mountains.

just look at that pitiful face. I can’t deal. 

She was feeling a lot better by the end of the evening and we were able to enjoy the graduation party after wards. Which was great because the cousin that graduated, Avery just happens to be obsessed with him. Anytime we see him she is just glued to his hip. She loves him so much it’s awesome!

Sunday morning we got up to make our way back, with enough time to make a fun detour at Crater Lake in Oregon. We saw some of the most amazing views, and snow! I was super bummed the roads to the water falls weren’t open for summer yet but we were able to take a few hiking trails around the mountain to see the Lake at the bottom.

The drive home was long to say the least. Traveling during the day with a three year old is interesting. Lots of pit stops 🙂 She was well equipped with her neck pillow and some gummy bears to chew on but we got out lots to walk around rest stops or see what kind of fun food was inside nearly every pilot gas station.

nailed it. 

Then this little lady bug tried hitching a ride on my leg. Pretty sure thats a sign of good luck? I’ll go with that 🙂

Can’t wait for many more Summer adventures.
Happy Tuesday!

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