Bridal Shower Brunch

Apparently planning a wedding is a lot of work. Oh and you know, life. Who knew?!

Really, everything has been pretty much non stop around here these days. I’ve also been living, breathing and eating wedding planning.

Here I am bringing myself back on over to the blog with a little wedding update.

We are less than FOUR weeks away at this point. Is this real life?

A few weeks ago my Mom, Grandma and bridesmaids threw me a beautiful bridal shower. I knew I wanted my shower to be a brunch, because mimosas, duh. Besides that I had nearly zero part in the entire party planning.

It was a beautiful day full of food, mimosa champagne drinking, games, gifts (some practical, some inappropriate), dancing and laughter.

The funniest game was the toilet paper wedding dress. Everyone got into teams and picked a model to put a wedding dress made of toilet paper on then we put on a little fashion show. Everyones dresses were hilarious.

all of the models doing their engaged pose. Because there was an engagement photo of me posing like that, hah 🙂

and the winner

Funny side story. After a few too many glasses of mimosas okay mostly champagne. I was making my way out to the restroom (the party was inside a boat house in a park, so the restroom was shared with everyone at the park) and I am standing outside talking and notice everyone at a little kids birthday party staring at me, so I whisper to my cousin that I felt like everyone was looking at me. Then, she points at my necklace I was wearing. One of my aunts got me an, inappropriate, candy necklace. That I still had on. Walking through that poor childs party. Hah. My bad, kid 🙂

Also, the creativity on this gift wrapping was spot on.

And last, but not least, my Mama and my awesome bridesmaids. Because nothing would be as beautiful or awesome without them.

2 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Brunch

  1. Your shower was so cute. I'm a sucker for gold polka dots. Whoever wrapped you gift like that is a genius, so clever. I can't believe you're less than a month away from your big day!


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